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Java Fundamentals (IT-Academy)

Java Enterprise Development (IT-Academy)

Learn Spring Boot (Udemy)

Hibernate for beginners (Udemy)

Git for beginners (Udemy)

GoF Patterns (Udemy)

Introducing Spring Boot (Udemy)

Dive into Refactoring

Apache Maven: Beginner to Guru (Udemy)

Design Patterns in Java (Udemy)

Java Multithreading (Udemy)

Spring Boot Microservices & Spring Cloud (Udemy)

Understanding TypeScript (Udemy)

The Complete Apache Groovy Developer Course (Udemy)

Java (Basic) (HackerRank)

Docker for Java Developers (Udemy)

The Complete Cryptocurrency Investment Course (Udemy)

Junit & Mockito Unit Testing for Java Developers (Udemy)

RabbitMQ Messaging with Java (Spring Boot) From Zero To Hero (Udemy)

Liquibase Fundamentals Certification (Liquibase)

Golang for beginners (Udemy)

Introduction to web programming for GIS applications (Udemy)

Building Web GIS Apps with Java Spring Boot MVC and Leaflet (Udemy)

Business Process Modelling with UML Activity Diagrams & BPMN (Udemy)

SQL and PostgreSQL: The Complete Developer's Guide (Udemy)

Lambdas in Java - From Zero to Hero (Udemy)

Software Architecture and Clean Code Design in OOP (Udemy)

The Gradle Masterclass (Udemy)

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