The value of surgery on the chest.

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In surgery on chest most often used by thoracotomy, which implies opening the chest. Typically, such surgical technique is responsible for treatment of diseases that result from damage zone of chest. For example, pneumothorax (is accumulation of excess air), hemothorax (is accumulation of excessive of blood in chest), chylothorax (excessive accumulation of lymph), and etc.

It is important to achieved a reduction in damage after these operations and to improve therapeutic efficacy. Such a problem can be solved by implementing non-invasive methods on surgical plan. With VATS can be treated in spontaneous pneumothorax or bullous eczema.

Operational videothoracoscopy is using more often. Doctors must apply thoracotomy only if there is no possibility of other methods of treatment to achieve positive results. It is also appropriate to apply similar methods with the opening of the chest, when will minimized significant blood loss and massive damage.

Practical methods

Now it is often noted more cases when surgery is carried out under the supervision and care the most talented of Thoracic Surgeons. So, you can select thoracotomy operation or video-thoracoscopy. For video-thoracoscopy there is no need of broad access, but only from five to seven centimeters. Such a small incision give the possibility to make various manipulations. And all of this can be seen for a while at a convenient monitor.

Unquestionable advantages of robotics applications can be ranked:

  • minor bleeding;
  • After surgery patients are sent quickly to the hospital;
  • postoperative time is sufficiently short;
  • beautiful cosmetic effect.

Video-thoracoscopy can be used as a method of treatment for such diseases:

  • lung cancer;
  • heart defects;
  • various lung injury;
  • empyema;
  • lung tuberculosis;
  • myasthenia gravis;
  • breast cancer;
  • diseases of mediastinal lymph nodes, and etc.

It should be noted that the latest developments and techniques acquired special significance in the field of children’s thoracic surgery. All developments make it possible to save lives of many children.
Today, in different clinics can perform operations that are in earlier times it was thought impossible to implement, because of the fear for the lives of children and the development of postoperative complication. In these days, medical therapy of cardiac malformations of newborns is not something extraordinary.

Remember, at the present time the above operations does not spend a lot of effort to restore the body. And all the effectiveness of such therapeutic methods will be visible immediately.

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