The true beauty of women

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When we hear the phrase “beautiful woman” our imagination draws a different, but equally beautiful images. This may be a blonde with magnificent breasts and long hair, with a gloss on the lips, who is dressed in a pink dress. Maybe passionate brunette with makeup in the style of smoky eyes with ideal figure and with model parameters in a short black dress in high heels. Modern fashion is inspires us to this. Most of the girls sit on a grueling diets, make plastic surgery on face and other parts of the body to be at least a little closer to the ideal, that to impose us fashion magazines.

But a beautiful woman – is primarily healthy and happy woman. Even if she has a couple of extra kilos, a scar on his knee and natural colored hair. Do not strive to be like the women that looking to us from the covers of magazines and advertising billboards. Be yourself with pure heart, sincere and open. Wear neat clothing, do a manicure and hair care for their health. Do not forget that beauty has many faces. Even the girl, does not fully meet the current canons of beauty, maybe, after a minute of communication and when saw her smile – seem nicest creation. Charisma, fire in his eyes, happiness, cleanliness, healthy appearance – these are elements of real beauty.

Classical phrase comes to mind: “If a woman in high heels, she a hunter, looking for their prey. If a woman in sneakers – it means she is happy. “

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