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Myopia – detection of the disease in young children

Миопия — выявление заболевания у маленьких детей

Types of visual impairment in humans very much. In particular, a common disorder in which a violation of refraction of the eye. People with myopia see objects in front of the eyes fuzzy and blurred. Moreover, according to the following changes occur this visual impairment: at first – blurred object boundary; then “spreads” the object itself. These symptoms are the ...

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Subdural hematoma of the brain

Субдуральная гематома головного мозга

Accumulation of blood in the brain due to traumatic brain injury (TBI) is called a subdural hematoma. Subdural hematomas occur because of trauma to veins and therefore can be chronic. During the aging process the size of the brain decreases, which is accompanied by stretching of the vein between its parenchyma and draining structures. Therefore, the vessels become sensitive to ...

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