Specific immunotherapy

Side effects of specific immunotherapy (SIT) are occur in less than 15% of patients and in most of the patients it manifested in mild systemic reactions and local reactions. Italian scientists have been treated in 1056 and 6313 patients with using allergens (was carried out 41 247 and 300 086 injecting on allergens). The incidence of anaphylactic reactions was 0.08%. In Spain, for the period from 1997 to 1868, the treated patients was recorded only 2.5% with lung systemic reactions. In Greece were treated 154 patients and was no cases of anaphylactic reactions, a mild systemic reactions reported in amount 5.8% of cases.

During the subcutaneous SIT – local reactions such as redness at the site of injection have been reported in 4.5% of patients, and systemic reactions such as urticaria, angioedema, acute AR were appearing in 0.7% cases (for the last 10 years of observation). During the oral using of SIT – percentage of adverse reactions was less. This is indicated by the results of large-scale studies on the efficacy and safety of oral SIT using with pills, which were held involving 1194 patients with respiratory manifestations of allergy. There was only 0.75% reported cases adverse reactions which were: itching of the mouth, throat pain and bronchospasm. These reactions were quickly eliminated, and was no case of anaphylactic reactions. No way, this method was not the cause of the deterioration of the clinical course in allergic disease.

Based on the foregoing, the ITA is ten times safer than treatment with pharmacotherapy.

SIT usually begin:

  • a week after the Mantoux test;
  • approximately two weeks after the introduction of inactivated vaccines;
  • four weeks after the introduction of live vaccines.

The risk of side effects SIT is insignificant, and there is hope that further practicing of allergist will continue to make extensive use of SIT, which is a safe and highly effective method of treatment in allergic diseases.

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