Problems with erection. What a man needs to know?

Unfortunately today a great majority of men suffers from problems with erection – starting from incomplete erection up to impotence. Many say it’s a tribute to our present day life full of stresses, lack of sleep, lack of physical activity, lack of normal food… Oh, lack of plenty more useful for us, men, and full of things that harm our life, our capability, our health, our nerves and our body.

Still, it’s the world we live in…

I’m not an exception to the rules. And I’m the one (and I never conceal it) that have suffered in the worst way possible for ANY man on the planet. Not so long ago, being middle-aged, I faced erectile dysfunction – it was the door to my personal hell. Since then I’m struggling with this problem and I realized that we – men – begin to feel really hard and uneasy, when we need to share such personal questions with Problems with erectionsomeone else, especially our friends and relatives – as well as whoever else.

So, I decided to create a blog, devoted to the sexual health of men, where others can find some useful information, and may be answers to their questions. I write about my PERSONAL experience and about thing I’ve come across in my studies.

This time I’d like to stop on the main reasons, causing erectile dysfunctions and signs of the problems and main ways of treatment.

So, to start with, erection is the result of increase of the blood flow to the penis. This process is regulated by the nervous system. Consequently erection disorders can be various because of the nervous regulation breakdown or breakdown of the cock’s blood supply.

In their own turn, these breakdowns can be caused either by the psychological or by the anatomic (physical) reasons.

Psychological reasons are:

  • Stress;
  • Tiredness, nervous or psychological tension;
  • Super excitation;
  • Sense of guilt, imbued in childhood or caused by the illegal relationships;
  • Anxiety, worry;
  • Anger, irritation;
  • Monotony of the long-term relationship;
  • If you don’t like your partner.

Anatomic (physical) reasons are:

  • Spinal cord traumas;
  • Pelvic bones breakup;
  • Alcohol overuse, alcoholism;
  • Side effects of certain medicine and drugs;
  • Atherosclerosis, diabetes, primary hypertension and other diseases causing cardiovascular abnormalities;
  • Chronic prostatitis;
  • Ageing – in this case there can be a number of reasons: nervous, vascular and hormonal.
  • Pay attention to the cases that point at the presence of a possible psychological problem (that can lead to the erection problems):
  • A man has erection with one partner or at a hand job and doesn’t have it with another partner;
  • A man goes through serious stress;
  • A man has already have depression and other nervous breakdowns;

Here the Big question arises – can we prevent problems with erection? If yes, then how?

Several advises to you guys:

  • Have normal sleep;
  • Rest more;
  • Eat healthy food, rich in proteins, micronutrients, vitamins and vegetable oils;
  • Have sex only when you are in the mood in the suitable surroundings when nothing can disturb you;Problems with erection
  • Don’t indulge in stimulants;
  • Don’t overeat before having sex.
  • Cases when you SHOULD see a doctor:
  • When erectile dysfunction has become a rule rather then exception;
  • When you can’t erect after trying all above-working ways and means;
  • If you didn’t erect no-way no-ever.
  • The main methods of treatment are:
  • Hormonal drugs;
  • Pharmaceutically;
  • By means of vacuum setups – pumps;
  • By means surgery;
  • By means implants – surgery prosthesis implantation.

As for me I tried medicaments – ED drugs, such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra – I’ll write about them later. You can read my other posts. I tried to gather as much info as possible about these drugs. Can answer questions if arise. Hope this will be helpful to you.

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