Problematic issues of natural feeding of children

The greatest number of questions about breastfeeding of babies today regards the timing of entering the lure, its products and dishes. Almost all European countries, including Russia, accepted the offer of WHO edition of the term “products” of lure, which includes all products except than breast milk, and mixtures thereof, including those that have traditionally called as corrective supplements: juices, fruit puree, cheese, egg yolk, butter, biscuits and the other like that.

No one has objections that the introduction of the first feeding is advantageously carried out no earlier than in the 6th month of life, but different experts talk about the different dates of first introduction of complementary foods. On this occasion, there was an active discussion on the pages of Russian medical publications. In present day the discussion of infant feeding issues have shown commitment to leading

nutritionists to Russia if possible to give lure in the later age, than in the past. Although there is no strict evidence base for this, the main thesis of many messages was that the introduction of any product of lure reduces lactation and leads to a transition to artificial feeding. However, the main purpose of the introduction of the lure – is the need of the child significantly more food ingredients and energy in a smaller volume of food, because sufficient lactation does not provide child all these ingredients after 6 month.

WHO revised its recommendations in this regard and now purpose of health care workers – to fight for exclusive breast-feeding (GC) of a child up to 6 months. His WHO recommendations are based on a systematic review of the data, which selected 16 well-conducted randomized studies of various aspects of the Civil Code, only children under the age of six months, which passed in both developed (nine) countries, and in those (seven) that develop.

The review indicates that there is no proven fact about negative impact of exclusive breastfeeding up to 6 months for any indicators of development and health and, conversely, proved its positive influence for a solution some important social issues such as: reducing the frequency of gastrointestinal infections, child is increasing an lactation volume and the pace of the mother’s body mass normalization, delay menstruation in women during lactation, which to some extent prevents the development of anemia in children. It is proved that ‘early’ introduction of lure in children born to healthy mothers, compared with those who received it later (after 6 months), does not affect the development of their anemia.

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