Pregnant women may also be depressed

Sometimes during pregnancy there are times when woman feel of sadness, anxiety, loss of interest in life and in people around us. All this is described as depression.

Usually, depression is manifested in pregnant women, when there are conflicts in the family, problems with money matters and when a woman has been in this situation before. Perhaps, future mother afraid of changes that will occur after the birth of a child, or simply does not want this baby.

During pregnancy, a woman’s hormonal reorganization occurs. The body reacts differently to stress, because hormones protect it from various negative influences. Normally, the woman is normal responds to environmental factors, but in pregnancy she is too sensitive to what is happening. That is why psychologists offer not cheat yourself and try to live in the present day.

If depression in women is lasts a long time, it is necessary to seek professional help. The therapist always will tell the right decision in a particular case. After all, we must not forget that now woman is responsible for two people. Doctors, in most cases, must try to do without medication. But if woman cannot cope doctors are prescribing antidepressants. And it will be better than stay in depression condition for several months.

The latest research says that future mother must to eat more foods that produce serotonin (hormone of joy): oatmeal, chocolate, bananas and fish. The fish contains omega-3 acid, which is a good help to reduce depression. Vitamin D you will get after staying on sunlight, it is improve your mood.

Pregnant women need to move more, walking is a very good exercise. If you will get a habit every morning go for a walk on the fresh air, you will forget about the extra kilograms. And if you love sports, then pregnancy – is not a disease, continue to do this, but after advising with your doctor.

In this situations very important the support of second half your family (dad of child). All speculation or any fears about the new women condition are upset new dads. After all, women just need to talk with them, and sometimes just say that “all will be well with us.” When family in peaceful relationships, pregnancy becomes more stable in stressful situations.

Love, care and peace of mind – that all is necessary for a pregnant woman and happy motherhood.


It is hard to have stable mood cause your body changes so fast. You become fat, ugly, slow. You can’t do usual everyday things. I think the best helper for this period is understanding husband.

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