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Problematic issues of natural feeding of children

Страхи молодой мамы

The greatest number of questions about breastfeeding of babies today regards the timing of entering the lure, its products and dishes. Almost all European countries, including Russia, accepted the offer of WHO edition of the term “products” of lure, which includes all products except than breast milk, and mixtures thereof, including those that have traditionally called as corrective supplements: juices, ...

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Functional disorders of the biliary tract in children. Types of bile disorders in children.

Функциональные нарушения билиарного тракта у детей. Типы расстройств желчных путей у детей

Not coordinated, weak or rapid contraction of the gallbladder (CGB) and its sphincters, which is controlled by the endocrine and nervous systems, not always accompanied by clinical symptoms. It occurs in healthy children too, it is norm option – not pathology, but the continued existence of this dysfunctions usually causes of morphological changes. Violation of passage of bile at the ...

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