Pathology of Tongue

Lympho epithelial cyst, it is a yellow nodes placed on the ventral surface of the tongue, tonsils or the bottom of the oral cavity. These benign epithelial nodes arise from the salivary glands in lymphoid tissues during embryonic development. To confirm the diagnosis requires a biopsy procedure.


Squamous papilloma – is one of the most common pathologies of the oral cavity (occurs in 1% of adult patients). The appearance of the papilloma is usually associated with human papilloma virus, types 6 or 11. Also papilloma may appear as isolated on the leg with the fibers. Treatment is a surgical excision or laser ablation.


A burning feeling on the tongue happens like a primary or like a secondary syndrome, as a result of diseases which act on the tongue mucosa (candidiasis, vitamin deficiency). Etiology of glossalgia  is unknown, this pathology in women occurs in 7 times more often than in men. Incidence is 0,7-15% of the whole population. Patients describe the sudden emergence of a sense of “scalded” tongue, which increases throughout the day. Tongue often has a normal appearance. Forecast favorable, pathology usually disappears spontaneously over the year. According to the studies, doctors can only relieve symptoms through a-lipoic acid, and “clonazepam” tablets. In refractory cases, the treatment is the same as in any chronic neuralgia.


Anatomical abnormalities of tongue.

Tongue-tie (a congenital shortening of the frenulum of tongue).

Tongue-tie – is a congenital shortening of the frenum, which limits of extending the tongue. Now, in an era of increased popularity of breastfeeding, which requires applying a lot of effort of the mouth in newborns in contrast to the efforts that newborns attached when feeding through bottle, the question arose – Whether this pathology can cause  problems with feeding of newborns.

According to randomized materials in children with tongue-tie, a solution with the problem of breastfeeding was a frenectomy that proved more effective than educational programs and support lactation.


Macroglossia – a pathological increase tongue size compared with the mouth size and jaws. When researching of inequality are often found that lateral edges of the tongue are biting with his teeth. Macroglossia occurs in Down’s syndrome, hypothyroidism, tuberculosis, amyloidosis, myeloma, sarcoidosis, neurofibromatosis, infections (such as syphilis), angioedema or allergic reactions. Further examination and treatment depend on the primary etiology, including biopsy.

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