Myopia – detection of the disease in young children

Types of visual impairment in humans very much. In particular, a common disorder in which a violation of refraction of the eye.

People with myopia see objects in front of the eyes fuzzy and blurred. Moreover, according to the following changes occur this visual impairment:

  • at first – blurred object boundary;
  • then “spreads” the object itself.

These symptoms are the most common in adolescents and young adults with acquired myopia, so also called myopia, still in their teens, and even earlier in they age. Now there is an active trend to increase in cases among children of preschool and nursery age.

Symptoms of visual loss in young children

In case of young children do not always obtained immediately reveal the initial stage of the disease, but if you pay attention to the associated symptoms, we can avoid many problems later. So, if you notice that your child is constantly squinting, staring intently into the distant objects, so it already has a visual impairment. It may be small symptoms, but you must pay attention to this. Another important symptom indicating the presence of myopia – poor orientation in space of the child at night or in the dark. The fact is that in these moments, especially in the night time, visual device is not just bad fulfills its function, it is also “tired” after the daytime stress.

Very often, children may notice a pronounced redness of the eyes, especially after watching television, reading, etc.. If it happens once a month, then most likely, nothing bad, but if a similar phenomenon is observed periodically, then there are problems with the eyes. In most cases, to the certain extent of visual impairment, the child may complain of headaches or pressing pain in the eyes. By the way, children with myopia react negatively to the sudden harsh light – it irritates the eyes, creating additional stress.

The main problem of occurrence of myopia in children – its gradual manifestation, which even a child of school age did not immediately notice. And of course small children do not notice the occurrence of the disease. Therefore, the main task of parents – to pay attention on the symptoms, which are not obvious to the child, but it is understandable for parents.

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