How to avoid menopause?

How to avoid menopause?
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How to avoid menopause? In order to avoid menopause, one must learn to feel a vaginal orgasm. I will give an example that will reassure the skeptics. Remember the donor, who regularly gives blood once a month. His body by the end of the month produces enough blood and if he misses the next time he surrenders his blood, he begins to feel bad. He is under pressure. For many years of delivery of blood the body gets used to its loss and begins to automatically produce it in large quantities. This is well known to doctors. The human body, the cells of its organs are in a constant state of recovery, called the renewal of the body’s metabolism. A more illustrative example of the recovery-renewal of a person’s skin. Epithelial cells (skin cells) are in constant renewal. One dies, others are formed in their place. And finally, if you want to test the process of selection and recovery, then I suggest you conduct your experiment. Begin to spit without stopping for 10 minutes every day. In a week your salivation will become more intense, and you will get a steady bad habit, which will be difficult to get rid of, because your body will become more saliva. As can be seen from these examples, all the metabolic processes of the body are trained. The menstrual cycle is one of the metabolic processes of the body and it also trains.
What is the climacterium.

The main symptoms of menopause:

  • Depression.
  • Dryness of the vagina, complicating the sexual intercourse.
  • Reducing sexual desire to the full loss of interest in sex.
  • Increased urination, a tendency to bladder infections.
  • Increase in blood pressure.
  • Termination of the possibility of having children is characterized by irregularity and complete cessation of menstruation.

What is vaginal orgasm.

Vaginal orgasm consists of the tension of the vaginal muscles, vaginal fluids and pleasant emotions experienced in this case. During sexual arousal, lubrication begins (a synonym for lyubration), moistening of the genital tract of a woman. Humidification occurs due to mucoid secretion through the walls of the vagina as a result of overfilling of the blood vessels surrounding the vagina. The amount of mucous fluid is significantly How to avoid climax growing in the phase of orgasm (on the sheet appears “puddle”), and with a decline in sexual arousal sharply decreases, as the walls of the vagina have the property of bilateral permeability. With a decrease in the level of sexual excitement, the secreted secretion of the vaginal walls occurs, causing the vagina to become “dry” and the frictional movements become painful. Since the birth of the girl and before the onset of sexual life, the vaginal muscles are not in demand. Partially develop with the onset of sexual activity, but continue to remain weak. This can be compared to the fact that as if a person had been plastered with a healthy hand and had not been plastered for fifteen years. The next result is How to avoid the menopause? Effect: the muscles of the hand atrophy, the blood circulation in them will slow down, the sensitivity of the hand will be close to zero. Even a needle-tingling hand will not feel. An example of this is that when you accidentally “wake” your arm waking up during sleep, it does not obey you, you can not control it. But by starting to “massage” it, you quickly restore the blood circulation, and the hand returns to its normal healthy state. The examples given are valid for all muscles of the body, for all organs of the body. Developing an orgasm: the blood flow increases, the moistening of the genital tracts takes place, the sensitivity of the vaginal muscles increases. The increase in the sensitivity of the vaginal muscles is accompanied by pleasant sensations with pleasant emotions. Increased blood circulation in the pelvic organs leads to the fact that oxygen flows, nutrients and stem cells that complete the pelvic organs with blood streams. That is, there is a constant process of restoring the cells of the body, the organs of the body. And pleasant emotions create a chemical environment in which stem cells are transformed into cells of that organ with blood streams in which they arrived and menopause never occurs. Walking along the evolutionary path, nature laid a very simple mechanism that makes living creatures reproduce, in humans we call this mechanism of orgasm. Vaginal orgasm is accompanied by very pleasant emotions, which in turn “tells” the whole body that it is healthy and ready for reproduction. The development of vaginal orgasm is the science of “Orgasmbuilding”.

* Orgbilding is the direction of science that develops orgasm and vaginal muscles.

* Transudation (Transudation) the passage of fluid through the membrane (especially the leakage of blood through the wall of the capillary). This fluid is called transudate.

* Mucoids (from Latin mucus mucus and Greek éidos species), an obsolete term used to refer to carbohydrate-protein compounds contained in various biological agents

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