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Until a few decades ago, fiber was not considered in diets and was excluded from the diet. Today, without these fibers cannot exist any set of dietary food. Based on many types of fiber, build numerous wellness programs.

In modern dietetics fiber is important. It is includes a variety of useful properties: removing of toxins, cleaning of blood vessels – anticancer action. Was proved that coarse fibers are helping in the fight with excess weight.
Cellulose – is a complex carbohydrate. In humans there are no enzymes that break down of cellulose. This material is not absorbed in the intestine and is not destroyed by the digestive system of the human body. That is why “the fiber of life,” as it is now referred to as fiber, was not included in a health food in the last century. Only scientists in our time have concluded after of numerous studies  that people simply cannot exist without this important element. Due to the presence of cellulose fibers in the intestine, bacteria feed on it. Because cellulose is not digested, then it moving through the digestive system and “collects” the unnecessary fats absorbs harmful elements, and it is a way to improve the absorption of other products. In addition, long cellulose fibers retain satiety because they are increasing of stomach volume. The more in a diet of coarse fiber is the greater chance of not dial big weight.

To make up for the daily rate of fiber, which is 30 grams, enough to eat the following suite of products:

  • 300 grams of oats – is a 3.5 g fiber;
  • 7 slices of rye bread – is a 7 grams of fiber;
  • 2 fresh carrots – is a 6 grams of fiber;
  • 1 apple – is a 4 grams of fiber;
  • salad with fresh tomatoes, cabbages, lettuces – is a 6 grams of fiber;
  • cup of any fruit – is a 2 grams fiber;
  • serving of soup from vegetables – is a 2 grams of fiber.

Many people in slimming knows what products should be included in the mandatory set, it is a vegetables, cereals, fruit – rich in fiber. Why exactly these substances contribute to rapid and effective of weight loss?

Insoluble fibers are longer stay in the stomach, and it retains a sense of satiety and slowing the production of appetite hormones – ghrelin. Coarse fibers increase their volume in the stomach because they are absorbing the water.

Also fibers help reduce sugar assimilation rate.

Of course, for the absolute benefit, therapeutic diet should work out the expert. Nutritionist must accurately calculate the necessary amount of all elements.


Actually, this is my favourite kind of diet. I used regularly apples, tomatoes and rye bread and lost two kilos in one week.

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