Causes of hemorrhoids

I’m sure many people who faced with the problem of hemorrhoids asking themselves “Why me? Where did this disease come from and how can I get rid of it? ”

What is most interesting, that the most of these people are sincerely convinced that the pathology has appeared all of a sudden, without any reasons. Is it possible? Of course not. Hemorrhoids do not happen for no reason.

With proper awareness – hemorrhoids can be timely detected and treated at an early stage. Moreover, if you wish, you can even prevent its occurrence. But for this, first of all, you need to understand the causes of hemorrhoids.

The causes include genetic predisposition to the disease and the age factor. Genetic predisposition involves inherent characteristics of the organism, for example, the weakness of the vein wall, which may eventually contribute to the development of a disease like hemorrhoids. Age is also an important factor, as in aging the organism loses the elasticity of blood vessel walls, which means that the chances of blood stagnation is increase and the chance of appearance of bulging wall becomes much more.

With predisposing factors people cannot fight, but by themselves they cannot be cause a disease such as hemorrhoids. They work together with the additional factors, such as poor diet, alcohol and a sedentary live, that increasing the risk of disease.

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