Care about old age

Under the old age you will face with many difficult decisions that will need to take. These decisions will include: what kind of care you would like to receive, where and from whom you would like to receive it, and whether you can rely on someone’s advice, if you doubt in making of this decisions.

Also, you have several options to help make your life easier in old age:

  • Treatment, which is provided to you to fight with diseases and for prolong your life.
  • Palliative care, which helps to provide relief from pain and any other symptoms that manifest with this disease. Palliative care can help coordinate care with other professionals and give you good advice about your health. Palliative care also provides emotional and spiritual support for you and your relatives.
  • Care of elderly people in the shelter, which also provides palliative care.

No one knows exactly when changes in your old age will affect to you. Thus, it is best to to be prepared for these changes. It is important to determine the health services beforehand. Some people ask their doctors that they have done everything necessary to maintain their health and treat disease. This is called a “personal touch”. Others choose palliative care, which does not attempt to cure your disease, but it focuses on how to make your life in old age as comfortable as possible. For example, palliative care may include medicines against pain, but with side effects from this treatment. In this kind of treatment staff of health facility can also provide you with physiotherapy or to help if there are other problems appear, such as anxiety or loss of appetite.

You can choose both types of treatment. Palliative care helps maintain the convenience in life, and at the same time, you can take medicines or choose other type of treatment for specific diseases.

At some moment you may decide to stop the treatment if your illness is not curable. It will be necessary still to visit your doctor and to receive the necessary assistance. And if your condition will get better, you can to start treatment again. But if your illness worsens, it will be better to make a decision about future in advance, after a consultation with doctor. If you will wish, he may refer you to a shelter, where you will get the proper care. Doctor usually sends to a shelter such people who left to live about 6 months. However, you can also select a care service in a hospital, in nursing home or at your home. You can do a good deed – donating your organs after your death.

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